The Sumberkima Hill project has been initiated by Bernard Hudepohl and Rob Wennekendonk from The Netherlands. It started in 2012 when we were looking for a new spot for a private home and discovered this beautiful location.

We soon saw the potential for more people to have their private villa and benefit from a community approach. We are co-investors and have a long term focus on value creation.

Bernard already built a villa in Pemuteran 4 years ago. He and is wife Jane have marketed their place, focussing on internet as platform and have been very successful.

They have also gained a lot of experience in the day to day management of a villa. You can check their website with reviews and the booking calendar.

To promote the region of North West Bali they initiated the launch of the website together with the community of Pemuteran.

Sumberkima Hill will be incorporated in this project.