Sumberkima Hill will have central facilities like a kitchen/restaurant, massage and spa pavilion, yoga pavilion, transport, staff housing, storage, and water supply. This way the different villas together can act as a boutique resort, offering a high level of service and facilities. This also reduces the investment per villa and operational costs, without compromising on quality of service.

The quality of the staff will be a key issue. Staff will be on the premises 24x7, securing a high level of service, maintenance and safety of the property. The project set up will ensure an efficient operation. Low maintenance cost for houses, low energy consumption, shared staff to service guests, maintain the grounds, the pools and take care of security.


Legal responsibilities will be arranged by a PMA: an Indonesia limited liability company. This structure will offer the best security for arranging all necessary licenses and administration services. We have a set of tested and proven contracts  to secure safe investments. The notary fees  are included in the rate.