We started with the idea to build a house for our families with good potential on the rental market. This has now developed into a much bigger project where we can invite other people to join.

The goal is the same: create an environment where we love to spend time and where we can invite other people to be part of a memorable experience.

To achieve this, we want to create something special, something remarkable. The view and location offer excellent potential to create a wow factor in design. Great staff and services will make this picture complete

The result will be a place that people put on their wish list, as soon as they have seen photos, read reviews on the web or heard about from friends.


The villas and central facilities will be developed with a keen eye on a practical and sustainable operation. We plan to combine a positive impact on the environment and local community with low operation costs .

The plan is to use natural spring-water, collect and store rainwater. Use energy efficient equipment and solar power to supply part of the energy need.